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summary of the application

this simple app also goes by the name flickrup. this goes your average screen grabbing tool one step further. it provides easy and quick uploading to your flickr account.


personal effectiveness xxx

if you use flickr, this application is fabulous. if not, you probably already have a screen grabber. i happen to use flickr alot for rendering images in my blogs and wikis, so i love this tool. saves me a good amount of time every day.


learning effectiveness xxx

this can be an indispensible tool for a course designer charged with rapid elearning development. anyone who uses screen images for training or presentations should find it equally useful.


coolness xxx

this tool fits my definition of 3 e's for coolness. if it works, it's cool.


personal effectiveness=
learning effectiveness=


do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to webimager and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.




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