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[web 2.0 review]





web 2.0 applications are sweeping across the internet at an unbelieveable rate. these amazing tools are changing society at every level.

  • some provide opportunities for people to find each other, relate to each other and meeting with each other in ways that while not new to human interactions, are mindboggling at times in the vast scope they are reaching.


  • some of the tools are more focused on access to, recombinations of, and delivery of information.


  • some are places to share and exchange content of all sorts.

learning professionals naturally are wondering which of these tools can be of service to learning situations. some of the applications are designed for instructional purposes. but the vast potential of the current web 2.0 offerings is for creative learning professionals to drive new ways of enhancing learning - both formal and informal.



each application i report on will have a page in this wiki where i try to do a objective summary of the application and then give it a rating from one "e" to five "e"s in three catagories - personal effectiveness, learning effectiveness, and coolness.



here's the key to the e's 

effectiveness ratings   the e's   coolness rating
fagiddaboutit! = = only a bithead could enjoy this
if ya really need to = = this is my dad's web
it's ok, can't hurt = = it's cool if it's useful
pretty groovy. it'll do the job. = = get your dark shades out
if you're not using this one you're not 2.0 = = the ipod dancing shadows have nothing on you



the rating catagories 



since there is such a great interest in how (and if) these tools can be used effectively in learning settings, i'll be rating each twice on effectiveness.


personal effectiveness 



first, my opinion on how effective the application is for personal use. this will reflect how effective the intent of the tool is for everyday use. does it make life better,easier, or clearer. does it add something that wasn't there before. if it's intended as a social network tool, will your network be bigger or stronger by using the application. if the application is a 'webification' of an existing software tool (ie, word processing, powerpoint, calendaring, etc.), is the application better or worse for the webification.


learning effectiveness


second, how effective it might be for use in a learning setting. does the application offer something that will make learning easier or more efficient? does it help the average facilitator or instructor do their job better, faster? is it a tool that could help stimulate, focus or direct informal learning to enhance organizational learning?




there are some web 2.0 applications which are just simply cool. they look and perform great. they make you glad that you found web 2.0. others are way cool. they aren't only functionally cool but they are also effective and serve a purpose. they even make you look cool. Then there are those apps that are like blow your mind away cool. they let you do stuff you never thought would be possible. even after using them for months you'll be like, "this is so cool!"



recent updates 


the most recent applications reviewed:

- watson

- slideshare

- zohocreator


new features:

- collaborative mechanism to build competitor lists for each application

- a commenting and trackback system for all visitors to use (see sidebar for information)


competitor list


help me build out a list of competitors for each application i review. at the bottom of each application page are two forms. the first is an entry form in which you can enter information about an application which you feel is competitive to the application reviewed on that page. the second form is the list of competitors. please look to see if the application that you feel is a competitor is already on the list. if it is not listed, please fill out the first form. my intent is to only list each application once in the competitive list, so there's no need to enter it again if it already is listed.




the content of these pages is not meant to be comprehensive of all available applications. nor are the ratings i apply by any means objective. there are other resources who are more comprehensive and relatively objective. but i don't know of anyone doing quite the listing like this that rates the learning environment efficacy of the applications.


oh, and don't be surprised if once reviewed, a review isn't necessarily up to date with the latest enhancements an application has posted to it's site. keeping track of what been published and what is dead is more work than a full time employee can do. so be leave me a note in the discussion area and be patient. i'll get to updating things when i can. maybe. ;-)


want your say?


don't agree with me? wanna have a vote? well, i started down the road to adding on review or rating capabilities to this wiki and for goodness sake, it ain't an easy proposition. but then came along the new version of ning and bingo bango, it hit me. do a review mashup! so if you want to voice your opinion, go over to ning where i've repeated my reviews and you can add yours so that we come up with an aggregate rating. click here to check out my ning powered mashup. the ning web 2.0 review application is now up and running!


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