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[summary table]


this is both a summary table for all of the applications i've rated and a toc of sorts as well. click on the name of the application and it will take you to the page about that application.

name of






coolness category
10x10 news
basecamp project mgmt
blinklist bookmarking
carbonmade portfolio
cocomment blogging
delicious bookmarking
empressr presentation
fleck notetaking
flickr photosharing
flock browsing
frappr community
linkedin community
meebo messaging
mindmeister mind mapping
mystickies notetaking
mysyndicaat rss
ning mashups
opinmind search
pandora music
pbwiki wikis
podzinger search
shadows bookmarking
slideshare presentations
visual thesaurus reference
watson search
webimager photo sharing
wikipedia reference
writely collaboration
zohocreator database
zotero database
















































































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