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summary of the application

slideshare is a site where you can upload powerpoint or openoffice presentation files and share them with the world. It's interface has a very youtube feel to it and navigation around the site is very intuitive and simple. your ppt, pps, or odp files are converted to a shockwave/flash file as they are stored. if you are working in keynote or any other presentation application, you must import them to a ppt format before you can upload them to slideshare. you can browse through the other presentations that have been uploaded and comment on them. you can also embed any presentation on sldeshare into your blog, wiki, or other website. you can link to any presentation if you'd rather not embed it. all files are available to the public once uploaded.


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this application has launched with alot of fanfare and glowing reviews. i'm not sure why. i believe that to be truly a quality web 2.0 application, the application must provide the users with an enhanced experience. slideshow diminishes the real power of a presentation tool like powerpoint which likes in its visual nature. using images, annimations, and motion to illustration concepts or to capture the aodience's attention are things that powerpoint, keynote, acheive and the other machine based prsentation for which these tools are best used. (granted not many users actually use them in this fashion.) but slideshare strips all of that away.


in addition, any images you have in your presentation really suffer from degredation in the uploading process. some of the charts in the presentations on slideshare are rended nearly unreadable by the process. i don't have a presentation handy that uses video and i've seen none on slideshow yet that has video, but my guess is that you'll be luck to get a still of he opening screen shot - assuming you presentation has it cued up to the opening shot by default. there is no volume control on the player, so i'm guessing audio is out as well.


all in all, slideshare is a slick, youtube styled application. it may fit into the web 2.0 category by definition, but it definitely is not an exemplar of what web 2.0 can be. i'm putting it in my "the emperor has no clothes" catagory with basecamp.


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as i said in my review of empressr, right now, web-based prsentation tools are unable to challenge the machine based tools for high end presentations. there just are some things than can't be done (yet) on the web. slideshare literally brings all presentations it serves down to the lowest common denominator. which is not good. i uploaded a presentation that has some pretty nifty visual effects to enhance my audience's understanding and attention into slideshare. you can see the result in my post on eelearning blog.


when you add to all this the fact that you can't create a presentation in slideshare - which is a positive for empressr and the other web 2.0 presentation tools. you end up with a tool that's pretty much a novelty toy. of course, novelty toys can make a lot of money, but that doesn't make them effective learning tools.


coolness xxx

despite it's very accessible interface and it's hip youtube look-a-like design, slideshare is not cool at all. it doesn't allow you to save presentations as private, it brings all presentations down to a level that is considered the worst possible use of powerpoint, etal. and is really takes any educational potential and wrings it right out of a presentation. one saving grace may come in that it looks like they will seek to make money on this venture by serving context specific adds along side the presentations. so a least you'll have something interesting to click on!


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do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to slideshare and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.




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