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welcome to the eelearning wiki. this wiki is devoted to expanding up on topics i discuss on my blog eelearning.

express yourself

on nearly every page you'll see the haloscan logo and next to it an indicator as to how many comments and trackbacks have been made regarding that page. please don't hesitate to comment on my reviews and ratings or trackback to pages you find helpful.


please note that you will have to give permission to eelearing wiki to launch pop up windows in order to use this service. i promise you that the comment window is the only thing that will pop up if you grant this permission.


i have set the comments and trackbacks to be moderated in order to save everyone (except me) from spam. if the spam gets to be too much, i may have to resort to stronger measures. but for now let's keep it simple.


if you'd like to give it a test run, try this one here. feel free to use this for general comments on eelearning wiki as well.


yes it's a wiki, but...

please follow some ground rules for courtesy sake.


1) if the content is clearly my opinion, please don't change it. preferably, use the haloscan comment button or share your disagreement with me in the discussion area or even back on eelearning blog.


2) please don't use complex html or javascript without asking me. i'd really like eelearning to remain a tool everyone can use.


3) use a casual but respectful tone when participating. pbwiki does enable me to ban anyone I need. note: disagreeing with me is not disrespectful. calling people names is.


4) please keep your participation focused on the topics under discussion. anything off topic will be removed and you may be considered for afore discussed banning.


thanks everyone for participating. let's make something new here!

where are the capital letters?

what started out as a lark has become an obsession. ok, maybe not quite an obsession, but certainly a habit. read about why i keep everything to small lettering in my blog post

a blog with no capital letters (almost).

about dave

it seems obligatory to include a bio and other stuff about ourselves, so here you go. i currently live in san francisco, california shacking up with the love of my life diva - my 6-year-old black lab. for recreation, i sing, hike, bike, and hang out with friends. i somehow have become a voracious reader and i spend way too much time at the computer.


professionally, i've been involved with learning in one form or another for nearly my entire career (the first 2 1/2 years out of college i was an accountant!) i started out in textbook publishing - first in sales then editorial (product management), moved on to an internet start-up that became webct, and then into workplace learning.


obviously, i'm very interested in web 2.0 applications and their usefulness for learning. i'm also interested in informal learning, communities of practice, and motivation. all of these are then filtered through the needs of organization to meet their stated strategic objectives.

in my mind, the only reason for a learning organization to exist in an organization is to assure that the workforce has the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to execute to those objectives.






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