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if you'd like to have eelearning wiki inform you when there are changes to the wiki, but you'd rather not have your email flooded with notification emails, follow these steps:




1 stop email notifications - if you did not uncheck the box of the login screen that requested notification of changes, you will have received one or more emails regarding changes to eelearning wiki. if you still have one of the emails, use the link at the bottom of the email to cancel the email notifications.


if you've deleted all the emails, or you'd rather not mess with the emails, you can go to the "notfications settings" link at the bottom of the page and cancel the emails there.


2 activate rss feed - click on the rss feed chicklet in the bottom righthand corner of this page and save that url to the aggregator of your choice. This will provide you will all changes to eelearning wiki, but in a form that is less intrusive and gives you the most control of what you deal with.


note: don't use the rss chicklet that appears in the url bar. this chicklet is intended to provide a page specific, but doesn't work appropriately yet.

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