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more about dave

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[my extended biography]


i thought i'd take a different approach to my biography by highlighting the people who taught me over the past 20 years. if you want to see my resume, check it out on linked in. or some detail on specific major projects, see my online portfolio.


if you really want all the details, please check out my dande




while at prentice hall as a college textbook representative i learned not only how to be a salesperson, but also established the beginnings of my knowledge in the areas of negotiation and project/program management.



at heinle & heinle i had the incredible experience of building several cutting edge programs for the teaching of english to speakers of other languages and for graduate level applied linguistic and teacher preparation materials.



sponsoring editor for college psychology was where i polished my project/program management skills,


oversaw the development of cutting edge materials in english as a second language and psychology. in 1997 i jumped from the then security of publishing for a dot com start up named universal learning technologies. led by carol vallone and barb ross, ult was on a mission to create an online learning platform (lms's - learning management systems - didn't exist yet).



my first exposure to someone committed to learning was a woman named marcelette williams. marcelette was the director of the english language institute at michigan state university and i was a brand new textbook sales rep for prentice hall. marcelette took me under her wing and pretty much taught me how to do my job as a textbook rep. why? beside the fact that she's just simply a wonderful person, she wanted to assure the best quality learning experience possible for the students in her program and the faculty and staff who worked for her. last i heard she was the assistant provost at michigan state.


bill biddle


jack mcquarrie

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