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summary of the application

mindmeister is a new collaborative mind mapping tool.  mindmapping has seen a recent surge in use for both personal organization and creativity as well as for group decision making and brainstorming.  mindmeister claims to be the first WYSIWYG mindmapping tool available on the net. You can create a mindmap adding branches onto to concepts in a number of ways. drag and drop, double clicking on the canvas and importing data are just three of the means to input mindmap information. mindmeister allows for concurrent authoring by multiple authors - currently a unique feature in this market.

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for some time now, myomi was the only mind map tool that was solely web based.  but that has changed dramatically over the past 6 months.  myomi is gone and several new tools, each with different +'s and -'s have stepped into this space aggressively.  to my mind, mindmeister is the cream of the crop.  creation of your mind map is very straight forward and clear.  but the key feature of mindmeister that sets it apart is its wiki-like nature enabling simultaneous collaboration of multiple contributors.  changes are tracked by person and it's easy to use the history function to view the changes that have been made and who has made them.  another wiki feature is that every change is automatically changed.  no need to remember to save your work before exiting, etc.  one sacrifice that mindmeister requires of its users is that you don't have much choice regarding formatting.  a critical feature they promise will be in place soon is to link to URL's and documents from each node.  another missing feature is the ability to connect nodes on different branches of the map.  This very powerful organizing functionality is becoming a expected feature of mindmapping tools and mindmeister hopefully are working on it.  you can export mindmeister maps to various formats including both freemind and mindmanager as well as in a text outline version in rtf format and as in image file (gif, png, or jpg).  i still prefer the brain 3-dimensional mind mapping software for my own personal use, but for collaboration with others - mindmeister is clearly superior to its web-based competitors.




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that mindmiester allows for simultaneous editing of the map by multiple users makes this a powerful tool for teams working on projects or developing a concept together.  its simplicity of use makes it a tool anyone can use almost immediately upon logging in.  decision making and breaking down large, complex ideas both benefit from mind mapping analysis.  mindmeister could be used to outline a learning program's key components for the learners.  but it will show its real power in informal learning situations when multiple people are contributing their individual knowledge to a group learning and workings situation.  mind mapping is a powerful tool for today's complex business settings and mindmeister is a powerful tool to enable teams in its use.



coolness xxx



mindmeister has all the cool web 2.0 bells and whistles.   a cool interface using flash creates a dynamic workspace that is pleasing and intuitive to work with.   it automatically saves every change eliminating the need for a "save" button.  its wiki-like history and restore functionality is wonderful.  that you can import and export various standard formats is the standard for web 2.0 tools.  but its collaborative capabilities are the clincher.  like google docs and spreadsheets, the simultaneous editing makes mindmeister one of the coolest tools in any category.  the only reason for not giving mindmeister 5 e's for coolness is that lack of more freedom in formatting and their current inability to link to files or urls.



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