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summary of the application

meebo is a multi-chat interface that allows you to open all of your instant message accounts in one application. whether you have yahoo, aim, msn, jabber, gmail or irc, you can log into any or all of these simutaneously. there is a conference chat function which allows you to bring together several colleagues into a common im chat, no matter what environment they are in. you can also send documents through to your buddies using meebo. they recently launched their first widget, meebome, which enables you to put a chat window on your website through which you can chat with the visitors to your site.


personal effectiveness xxx

meebo is certainly not the first multi-chat application, but they've nailed the interface, for the most part, making it simple and intuitive to use. they also seem to be making some headway in building a community of users. but ui advantages don't last long and meebo's community is really still in the starting blocks.


while meebo is very popular today, the web 2.0 can be fickle and jump to a new application easily. competition in this intense and the functionality set to create differentiated products is small. kool im recently launched and has been getting positive reaction and geesee is going to push the market. add to that the fact that the big boys (msn, yahoo, google, aol) are getting more nimble. for example, you can now talk to your yahoo buddies through msn.


while meebo can say it is still in alpha trials, i doubt anyone is using it "as an alpha." not supporting audio and video chat will soon be an immediate elimination in consideration for use. i like this application and the characters that make up the company (as seen through their blog), but it's a wobbly 3e rating i give them.


learning effectiveness xxx

meebo and all the other im applications is a communication tool. sure, learners and facilitators will use it, but general for standard interactions. if anyone has learning applications for chat beyond 1-on-1 or group discussions, i'd love for you to add them to our little wiki here.


coolness xxx

one thing that meebo has going for itself is it's cool. the design is simple and fresh. "meebo" and "meebo me" can't get any more 2.0 cute (of course, i think my "e e meebo" meebo me is right there too!) that they have there current post from their blog appear in the application when you open it is genius - it really puts a face on the company. and the coup de gras of coolness came when i was admiring their extensive list of translations. i had to do a double take to be sure, but there, right near the beginning it says "bork." check it out. the interface is translated into swedish chef speak! then i saw igpay atinlay and nearly fell out of my chair laughing. (For those too young to remember, "igpay atinlay" is pig latin for pig latin.)


personal effectiveness=
learning effectiveness=



do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to meebo and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.




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