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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

on the heinle payroll i had the great opportunity to learn word-of-mouth marketing and viral marketing techniques from jose wehnes q. and charlie heinle, the nuances of being a leader from elizabeth holthaus, and international business from peter hoenigsberg and bob cullen. in project development, i had the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading authorities in applied linguistics on truly innovative learning programs. both the list of projects and the list of people i worked with and learned from are impressive.

project name + descriptionapproachhigh profile contributors

tapestry of language learning

a comprehensive set of materials

for intensive english programs in the us


teach training text

36 textbooks

200+ authors and reviewers

communicative competence

individual learner differences

overt learning strategies

task based learning

rebecca oxford, series editor

robin scarcella, series editor

maggie sokolik

tom scoval

neil anderson

pat byrd

merrill swain

marguerite ann snow


4-level series created for efl markets

in japan,southeast asia, and south america.

task-based learning

project-based learning

contextualized language

learning strategies

david nunan
grammar dimensions

4-level grammar series

focus on form, meaning, and use

communicative competence

fully contextualized learning

Diane Larsen-Freeman

Marianne Celce-Murcia


professional development

series for pre-service and

in-service programs

reflective practice

constructivist model

classroom research

assistive reflection software

donald freeman, series editor

diane larsen-freeman

neil anderson

karen johnson

glenn johnson

marguerite ann snow

andrew cohen

kathleen bailey

tom scovel

pat moran

earl stevick

suzanne irujo

methods that work,2nd Editionbest practicesJohn Oller
the grammar book2nd Editionform, meaning, useMarianne Celce-Murcia

Diane Larsen-Freeman

memory, meaning,and method

20th anniversary edition

- - - earl stevick

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