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web 2.0 review


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welcome to the eelearning wiki. this wiki is an extension of my blog eelearning. it's my goal to explore - with your help hopefully - various topics more indepth than the format of a blog will allow. if you are new to wikis, you might want to check out the tutorials or take the tour of pbwiki. see the sidebar and the quick start tabs in the sidebar for updates and links to helpful references.





what's new?




open to the public

the big change wiki-wide is the move to the wiki being readable to the public without a password. if you'd like to go wiki style and place your comments on the page directly hit "edit page", enter the password and your name, (don't forget to uncheck the "notify me of changes" box) and go for it.


comment and trackback system

i've also installed the haloscan comment and trackback service so that everyone, whether you're logged into eelearning wiki or not, can comment or trackback. See more detail in the sidebar.


current topic




[web 2.0 review]

web 2.0 applications have been getting alot of attention lately. seems i've become somewhat of a go-to guy amongst my colleagues when it comes to web2.0 applications. i guess it's all those hours i've spent exploring the latest tools as they appear. so i've decided to bring some rhyme and reason (at least my particular brand of reasoning) to the process. check out my [web 2.0 review].


you can make comments on my reviews and help me build out lists of competitive application for each one I review.



upcoming topic




[identifying informal learning]


tired of all the talk about what is and isn't informal learning? it's time to get down to some practical solutions for driving informal learning. with your help, i'll try to get a start on that task.



notification of changes



it's always nice to have a site notify you when changes have been made to pages you are interested in. unfortunately, pbwiki is still working out the kinks in their notification system. if you did not click off the box saying "notify me of changes" on the log in page, you may want to reconsider that choice. see the notifications page for more details and my suggestion on how to set yourself up to stay up to day on what's going on here on eelearning wiki.


to recieve notification of changes, you do need to sign in with your name and email at least one time to set up the notification as outlined on the notifications page.



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