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summary of the application

frappr is a mash-up designed to provide groups with an organizing space. it centers the group around a yahoo map on which each member of the group identified with a marker - that is if they provide their address in their profile. each group i frappr has forums, live chat, a photo page and marquee display. there are several widgets available for promoting your frappr group.


personal effectiveness xxx

inevitably with any technological innovation, there are products created that make you stop, scratch your head, and say, "ok you can do that with this technology. but why?!?" frappr, to my mind is such a creation born of mash-up technologies. i am a member of four frappr groups (sure i can join these groups, but why did i?). outside a new member "shouting out" to introduce themselves, none of the forums have a post any more recently than april 2006. the interface is cluttered and seems to be getting worse each time I have gone back to check it out. they do have a nice interface with myspace which allows you to map your myspace friends. this might explain the cluttered look.


learning effectiveness xxx

conceptually the idea of a space for learning teams to share communications is good, but frappr is well in the lower quartile of team collaboration applications. i've been around education long enough to know that the worst designed instructional tools can, and often are, used effectively by the best (or nuttiest) instructors. i'm sure frappr will find this marginal market, but this is not the tool for most learning professionals.


coolness xxx

now here's the wierd rub to this scene. it has been my impression that i've seen more and more frappr widget maps for groups appearing on sites across the part of the web i travel. though it seems that groups are only using frappr to have a mapping of their members, that feature is popular. i had the edublogger's frappr widget in the sidebar of eelearning for months. so, i guess frappr, is oddly enough, pretty cool.


personal effectiveness=
learning effectiveness=



do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to frappr and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.




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