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summary of the application

currently in beta, this mozilla based open-source browswer is intended to incorporate social networking capabilities into a browser and to easily allow the manipulation of content from the web to share and repurpose. beyond your standard browser capabilities, flock enables interaction with your flickr or photobucket account, as well as those of your friends; provides a bloglines like rss/atom feed aggregator, a blog editor from which you can post directly to nearly any blog you have, and a drag and drop snippets untility where you can store any content from the web or your hard drive for use in the blog editor, the photo uploader, or your desktop programs. favorites, or bookmarks, in flock are organized by a tagging approach (ala de.lic.ious) versus a folder and file system. however, they do have a "collection" function in the favorites directory which allows you to control which favorites appear in the favorites bar at any given time. when saving a site to your favorites, you can also save it directly to de.lic.ious or shadows. the development of flock has been conducted with a community focus. users as well as developers have contributed to the creation of user support materials.



personal effectiveness xxx

i can't reccommend this browser strongly enough. it truly is a tool that brings more efficiency - at least to my desktop. i've not looked back to firefox since i started using flock, although the beta (cardinal version) has at times almost brought me to second guessing my support. the biggest problem has been flock being a memory hog. if you work heavily on the web, flock can grow to humongus size. however, the good folks at flock have identified the problem and promise that a new release on 9/14/06 will solve this problem.


amazingly, at this early stage of development there are a good number of extensions available for flock. and many firefox extensions will work in flock (but then again many won't).


if you remember that flock is still a beta product, then you can overlook some of the minor annoyances like the blog editor adding blank lines and the news reader being buggy. although they seem more annoying because pre-beta, developer's preview was so solid.


the next major upgrade, danphe, is due out sometime this fall and looks to be very exciting as they build on the tools they have already built into flock.


learning effectiveness xxx

i believe that flock's success at building a browser that more easily enables social network interaction makes it the browser i would suggest learners use. if they are working in teams, the easy access to de.lic.ious and shadows, to flickr, and to pretty much any blog service you can name is perfect for setting up live, shared resources via flock. the more obvious applications would be in higher ed, but a corporate learning evironment that is looking to move toward workflow learning and utilizes learning teams or cohorts could definitely move their initiatives forward in a dramatic way by leveraging the tools flock affords.


coolness xxx

flock scores lots of coolness points with it's topbar and favorites collections. it fails to get 5 e's because it currently doesn't have the add-ons and extensions that firefox boasts. nor can you skin it. but those things, and dozens of other cool enhancements, are on their way!

personal effectiveness=
learning effectiveness=



do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to flock and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.




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