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summary of the application

this photo archiving and sharing application is one of the most established web 2.0 applications out there. you can easily upload your images through any one of several mechanisms (upload from your desktop, from flickr's site, native funtionality in flock, one-by-one or in bulk, etc.) u can also access your pics at flickr.com, via yahoo360, through an extension in firefox, or again natively in flock. you can control access individually to each image or as a blanket across all or a group of your images. you can assign a creative common copyright to any or all of your images. you can group your images into catagories (only 3 groups for free subscribers is a bit lame, but hey then need to make money.) and you can assign metadata that feeds the global flickr folksonomy. personally, my favorite feature of flickr is that each photo has five permanent urls (one each for five different sizes) which you can refer to when you wish to include a photo in your blog, wiki or any other page. it's social networking capabilities are used extensively. it's forums are lively and they keep adding features and links to other programs on a continual basis. you can comment on any public photo, you can grab it and put it in your favorites gallery, there are groups that have formed around various topics (ie, b&w has 23,065 fans of black and white photography, flowers i'll let you guess what these 16,072 people like, or even animals in toilets which currently has 10 members!)


personal effectiveness xxx

flickr is easy to use right from the first upload. While the navigation is a bit peculiar, the features it offers and the ability to repurpose your images to more and more 3rd party services makes flickr a real winner.


learning effectiveness xxx

at first blush, you might think that flickr doesn't have much educational appeal. but i believe it can be a very useful tool for both students and instructors. a flickr account can be set up by a team, so for tea projects, any member of the team who finds an image that is relevant to the team's work can upload the images to a common resource. they then could be used in word based reports or powerpoint or other presentations.


instructors can use flickr for similar purposes.


coolness xxx

beside the fact that you can use flickr as the base for your internet images, the thing that makes it very cool is the simply amazing ways flickr enables repurposing of images stored in it's database. whether used for personal purposes with private images or tapping the huge library of public images as the stunning colr pickr or the poorly named but remarkable flickr related tab browser. enable cool things like this and you get rated cool by association.


personal effectiveness=
learning effectiveness=


do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to flickr and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.





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