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summary of the application

fleck enables you to leave notations on websites and share them with friends or colleagues via email or your website. There are two types of flecks you can leave, notes and bullets. There are two ways to create a fleck. either via a bookmarklet with which you can call up the fleck toolbar or, if you've not installed the bookmarklet or Firefox extension, you can click on the fleck button on fleck enabled pages like this one. both call up the fleck toolbar. from the toolbar click note or button which opens the notation box. when finished with your note or button you hit save and the location of the fleck is noted on your personal page at fleck.com. you can also email a link to the fleck or put the link on your blog, wiki or other website. whether they have signed up for fleck or not, the recipient of your email or person who clicks on a link on your blog is taken to the page with the notation. the new fleck finder can register for a free fleck account and then edit and/or save your fleck or create a new fleck.


personal effectiveness xxx

initially i was very excited about this new sticky application. i thought someone had finally improved upon mystickies. one of the features that fleck has that i've wanted from mystickies is the ability to share my flecks with colleagues and friends. the interface is very simple to use. the virtual toolbar is clever and the firefox toolbar button to engage it couldn't be simpler. i also like the ability to enable anyone to annotate a page you've created by including the "annotate this page" button (there's one under the menu next to the top of the sidebar. give it a try.)


you can also email a link to a fleck or create a link to a fleck on your blog, wiki or website. Check this one out. it's a link to the summary table of this wiki (once there you should see the fleck next to the title of the page and the control bar should be hovering near the bottom of your screen). Or you may have followed the link to a fleck on this page from my fleck post on eelearning blog.


unbelievably, the greatest feature of mystickies is missing from fleck. the notes are not persistent on the sites you place them. in other words, if i place a fleck on this page with a note to myself about what i liked about the page, when i happen to surf back to this page in say a week or so, I won't see the fleck. i will bump in to a mysticky if I left one here.


the one glaring omission in the functionality of fleck is something that mystickies fans have been asking for from the very beginning - the ability to share mystickies directly with others. In other words you create a fleck or mystickie and mark it as "share with dave" and it appears as a fleck or stickie in my collection. i'll abandon fleck if another application beats them to that punch.


it also lacks the tagging capability and the right mouse click menu option that mystickies has. but being a new application, i'll give them some leeway to correct these omissions in the near future. fleck has a lot of flash. little substance.


learning effectiveness xxx

Here fleck has pretty much the same pluses and minuses that mystickies has.

it is a great research tool for gathering data on the web. fleck does win points for learning effectiveness because it does add a bit of collaborative capability, but, like mystickies, will never have true drawing power in learning arenas until it has the sharing capability i mentioned above.


coolness xxx

again fleck is very cool for the same reasons mystickies is. to be able to simple mark a page and notate it right on the page is in my mind better than all the social bookmarking tools for personal use. the social bookmarking tools win out over fleck because they are social. i'm also dinging fleck for graphic design. the hot pink looks cool for the logo, but it is over used on their website and the light gray on yellow of the flecks is nearly impossible for these 45 year old eyes to read.

personal effectiveness=
learning effectiveness=


do you know a competitor to this application?

if you know of a competitor to fleck and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.




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