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summary of the application

empressr is one of the several efforts to challenge microsoft powerpoint with a web based presentation authoring tool. "it is an ajax-flash web application that works entirely in your browser." with a simple interface that works with the user by providing contextualized functions, empressr allows you to create web-based presentations which will render exactly as you created them. Unlike powerpoint which allows you to create presentations with features that will not render in a web browser. it strikes a balance between user flexibility and control for web use. you can include graphs, images, flash and video images. empressr comes with a nice library of stock photos and graphics. currently you can neither upload from powerpoint nor download to powerpoint from empressr.


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being a power user of powerpoint, i have to admit that none of the online presentation tools I've looked at seem very powerful. having said that, i like empressr. it's interface is simple and intuitive. once i got used to the contextualized tool menu (you only get the buttons you can use in the given situation you are in. ie, not text editing tools when you are working with an image.), i was working away like a veteran.


i like the options that they've built in to a very steamlined application. they start you out with six default fonts, but then you can upload up to ten more from your font book. you can use the stock images they provide, or upload from your computer. one feature they have that powerpoint doesn't: you can save individual slides to a library and then use them in other presentations. very nice.


while i can't imagine using any of the online presentation tools (because of my knowledge of powerpoint), i would recommend empressr to anyone who just uses the basics of powerpoint and does alot of web-based or email-based presentations. empressr is empressive!


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to be honest, empressr's current functionality plays into the critics as powerpoint as a threat to good instructional design. edward tufte and his followers abhor the dependence upon the outline structure and strict grid layout that most deployments of powerpoint utilize. empressr doesn't range into some of the more effective functionality that can make powerpoint more effective.


empressr does win points for what the web interface brings. no matter the venue and the equipment configuration, if you have web access, your presentation will render exactly as you created it. for faculty and student presentations this can be a major stumbling block. (ever have that beautiful font on your pc come out looking like cyrillic on the mac in the classroom?)


coolness xxx


big points for the slick and simple design of empressr. it didn't surprise me to realize that the parent company is a marketing company, not a software company. however, they lose points for not having a collaborative capability. a team should have the ability for each member to go in and work on the presentation. simultaneously would be nice, but i could accept a sign-in, sign-out system. empressr's cool, but not ready to be a shadow dancer quite yet.

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