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summary of the application

carbonmade is a portfolio tool designed with artists, photographers, graphic artists and the like in mind. the presentation interface is slick and stylish. the user input interface assumes very little in the way of computer literacy and is just as slick and stylish as the presentation interface. using the free version of the program allows you to show off up to 5 projects with a total of 30 images. you can choose how your projects are presented and add text descriptions at the portfolio, project and individual levels. you can keep projects from being displayed until you have them just as you want them or you can build them in public. your portfolio has it's own distinct url that you can use to send to friends or clients and to link to from other sites on the web. however going to the carbonmade home page and looking through the over 3000 portfolios currently posted is quite the experience. carbonmade has numerous ways to search through the portfolios. there is a premium service available for $12/month that allows you to create up to 50 projects, include video and flash animations.


personal effectiveness xxx


i had been searching for a portfolio site to create a portfolio for sometime when i ran across carbonmade. the only sites i had found thus far were basically glorified resume sites and i already have one of the best of those in linked in. i've been told that i have a good graphic eye and some of work i've done while preparing projects and my websites is pretty good, even if i do say so myself. so i wanted a place where i could highlight my work as a businessman and workplace learning professional, but do so by leveraging my graphic capabilities. i found it in carbonmade. i've been tickled pink ever since i found it.


more salient to this review though, is what a wonderfully designed site it is. it truly is incredibly easy to use, yet the final product of your efforts is spectacular. their design is beautiful and hard to mess up! and talk about flexible! i don't think there's another business portfolio on the site, but mine fits right in. with a little creative thought about how to talk about my work leveraging the visuals of business - flow diagrams, gantt charts, powerpoint slides, etc.- it's really not a stretch.


the one area i can honestly ding carbonmade for is getting an understanding of what all the options you have for how your content will be presented is a bit confusing. examples would be helpful. however, due to the very easy functionality of the site, doing trial-and-error guesses doesn't take too long to figure it out.


oh, you wanna see my portfolio? gee, i was hoping you'd ask. check it out at http://dcleesfo.carbonmade.com


learning effectiveness xxx


i obviously would endorse carbonmade for use in any sort of learning environment that involves the creation of visual imagery. even if it's not electronic in nature, it can be scanned or photographed and included. having students document a project from conceptualization to final production would be powerful and easy to do in carbonmade. to use carbonmade outside of these limited learning environments would be a stretch for all but the most creative leaders and students.


coolness xxx


carbonmade is without a doubt one of the coolest web2.0 applications out there. it's well programmed, easy to use and the result is absolutely beautiful. bravo! i reluctantly only give 4 e's because i think carbonmade is a few simple steps away from being shear perfection. the makers of carbonmade need to add in the social networking capabilities that so many other sites lean upon for their identity. i can image giving the owner of a portfolio the capability to enable comments and rating tools. and how about endorsements, ala linkedin.


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learning effectiveness =
coolness =





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