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summary of the application

blinklist is a social bookmarking tool that leverages people's list of favorites as a means to not only learn about what others are bookmarking, but also as a why to find people with similar interests. you can create a profile and then when you find someone who has a particularly interesting set of favorites, you can ask them to be friends or just link to their list as a fan. blinklist has a simple internal communication system which allows you to communicate with your friends and fans. they have a bulk upload from your browser feature that few other social bookmarking tools have. they have a nice firefox extension to facilitate "blinking" a website into blinklist. bookmarks can be posted publicly or privately. you can "blink" any bookmark you find showing your agreement with the original poster's evaluation. they provide numerous ways of sorting both tags and bookmarks.


personal effectiveness xxx


i was drawn to blinklist because of the social network features and the bulk uploading feature. the bulk uploading feature was a huge positive for me. as it turns out, i had almost 500 bookmarks! it took about 2 minutes to get them in to blinklist. i can't image how long it would have taken to get them into de.lic.ious by hand! the social network feature has a been a bust. evidently not many folks are interested in talking about each others bookmarks. i like the interface - the best among the bookmarking tools. the private and public designation is a must have (but many don't).


learning effectiveness xxx


beyond the fact that i believe bookmarking tools in general are a good tool for learning, there's nothing that makes blinklist stand out for learning purposes.


coolness xxx


blinklist does a good job of trying to be cool, but doesn't quite make it. but it may just be that bookmarking tools as a class just aren't cool.


personal effectiveness =
learning effectiveness =
coolness =





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if you know of a competitor to blinklist and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.







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