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summary of the application

this project management application has been one of the most highly touted web 2.0 applications. it provides a project team the ability to track milestones, assign tasks to individuals, and to communicate through threaded discussion and wiki-style writeboards. clients can be added to basecamp with rights to view only the content the team deems appropriate for the client's eyes. there is a free version with limited capabilities and five for fee versions ($12 to $149/month) that provide incrementally more features for each stage. the three most expensive packages now include a time tracking feature. basecamp becomes a much richer when you connect it with 37signals other products - particularly campfire and backpack.


personal effectiveness xxx



contrary to it's hype, a work group that i was involved with used basecamp and found it to be quite lacking. some of the most glaring issues included:

  • unable to assign more than one person to a to-do or milestone
  • to-do's could not be added to the calendar (only milestones)
  • calendar events were not related to each other so every change in the schedule potential results in every subsequent event needing to be individually changed. 37signals has added time tracking and file uploading since we used basecamp. (these were also missing features when we used basecamp.)


we were unaware of the connections to campfire and backpack which would have been helpful. having "signposts" in each of the programs to say "hey, you might want to go over to campfire or backpack" at appropriate places in basecamp would greatly enhance the awareness that 37signals has a much larger solution than any one of it's pieces parts.


while it is obvious from their website that some folks have had success with it, basecamp just doesn't compell me. maybe it's because i am relatively proficient at microsoft project - thus project doesn't seem all that tough to work with.


learning effectiveness xxx


with project-based learning gaining more and more acceptance, particularly in higher education environments, a project management tool would be helpful if it reduced the amount of time a project team had to spend on administrative tasks. because of its clunkiness, basecamp added to the workload that my team was handling.


coolness xxx


as you hear over and over - basecamp definitely looks better than outlook or project. the problem comes in that the functionality doesn't live up to the design and, frankly, the design isn't "all that" when compared to other applications being launched these days.



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learning effectiveness =
coolness =






do you know a competitor to this application?





if you know of a competitor to basecamp and it's not in the list below, feel free to add it to the list by filling out the form to the right. that will put it on my radar screen for possible review.





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